The Roccapelago Castle

The undead in the service of Obizzo

💀 Domain of House Montegarullo, strongly independent and opportunistically Guelph, loyalists to the Pope and brutally effective ally of Florence and Bologna. The ancestral home of the House Montegarullo is the castle of Roccapelago, conquered by the ominously cruel and grim Obizzo da Montegarullo who held the castle in contempt of the disapproval of the Este family who repeatedly sent the people of Lucca to confront him with arms. Obizzo lost the first battle but reconquered the castle and made it impregnable thanks to the macabre help of decrepit undead troops that emerged from the foundations of the castle, bodies preserved in lime that provoked nightmares and madness in the attackers, which, in more than one case were locked up and condemned to burn at the stake for killing offspring and wives on their return from battle, prey to voices that they could not quell except with blood.

Also of interest in the territory of Obizzo Montegarullo is the boulder known as Sasso Tignoso: a lookout point, a source of ferrous material for invincible weapons, and a favorite site of sabbaths where young maidens are fed to the hirsute demons of the woods to generate monstrous offspring.

Young and powerful family commanded by the powerful Obizzo, born within the Guelph branch of the Montecuccolos. Important allies of House Da Montegarullo are Florence, whose strong allies it is, and the Guelph rebels of the Montecuccolos including Lanzalotto Montecuccolo, the lordship of Sassuolo and House Da Gombola. Obizzo made powerful enemies including the Este family and the lordship of Lucca. Obizzo’s current arch enemy is the petty Uguccione of House De Contari. He wields a black ancestral necromantic sword forged from the great rock called Sasso Tignoso for the founder of the House, patriarch Radaldino servant of the ancient mountain House Gualandelli. Obizzo guards the family sword Radaldia in an underground lake beneath Montegarullo Castle, where the corpses of the family’s Ghibelline enemies drowned in the Scoltenna River during the various rebellions have been revived to protect the heirloom in a ghastly form of undeath.

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