Dead Skin Masks

“Dead Skin Masks” plunges players into the enigmatic depths of Mutina, a city veiled in ancient secrets and lurking dangers.
Very overtly written for 5E (characters of levels 3-4) but virtually devoid of mechanics so that it can be played with any OSR system. , this adventure intertwines the rich history of Italy with the fantastical, where the remnants of misshapen Ligurian and glorious Roman pasts of the Second Era collide.
As players navigate the intricate canals beneath Mutina, they face a malevolent plot born from the city’s very waters. Blending historical intrigue with dark fantasy, this module challenges adventurers to uncover truths hidden beneath layers of myth and to confront a plague threatening to consume the city.
Will they decipher the mystery of the dead skin masks in time, or will Mutina fall to forgotten curses?

An adventure for level 3-4th level characters for Dungeons & Dragons 5 Edition, set in the dark new world of Of Iron & Thorns.