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The Writer

Hello. I am Mick. I have been playing and DMing since the late ’80s. Over the years I have amassed thousands of pages of written notes on several campaigns ran over the years and yet I never really thought about the possibility to write my own setting, until last year. Grown with the aesthetics of AD&D 1E, WFRP, Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf and many other games of that golden era, I thought about writing a setting that would echo that gritty, realistic style, but with elements of epicness typical of sword and sorcery and pulp fantasy, at the same time maintaining events, places, and characters from local history intact. The result was hundreds of notes written over a few months. Before putting it all together, however, I thought it would be appropriate, as it used to be done in the old days, to play on the logic of the implied setting, writing some modules and short stories that would take players step by step into this world so familiar but so different from our own. Small changes to the rulebook will be introduced one step at a time to bring the rulebook in line with the setting. 

This is a world where you will be able to meet the Holy Roman Empire, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ludovico il Moro, the Medicis, satanic cults, tournaments and rich guilds, crusaders and templars, as well as stone automatons, poison-blooded warriors, dragons, undead sorcerers, beast-men and ancient civilizations that hide in the forest. Everything will be familiar… Until seen up close.