IT00 – unreleased playtest adventure, set in the town and abbey of Nonantola

IT01 – Shadows of the Sunken Dread – a level 3-4 adventure following the aftermath of the great storms that flooded the region of Ariminum in Romagna, soon on DrivethruRPG

IT02 – Palace of the Walls that Scream – a level 3-4 adventure set in the dark mirrored halls of the palace of Diamonds in Ferrara, kickstarter successfully funded!

IT03 – Dead Skin Masks – a level 3-4 adventure set in the city of Mutina during the carnival, successfully funded!

IT04 – Aberrations of the Bottomless Crypts – a level 3-4 location and scenario set below the city of Bononia, the setting’s first megadungeon, successfully funded!