OT02 dispatched to backers of Kickstarter

Better believe it, I have finally finished the short module and am uploading the reward now for the fantastic supporters who funded this humble project. I won’t hide that I didn’t reread each text one last time because every time I did, I found a thousand things I would have changed and I didn’t want to further delay the release. I ask everyone who will have the desire and patience to write to me via email at ofthornsandiron@gmail.com or on the Facebook page or through Instagram, reporting corrections and clarifications needed, I know there are some confusing parts and I will be pleased to create a FAQ section on the site. I will also send new corrected versions for free for those who backed the project as well.

Also, any feedback on topics you would like to see in the upcoming Player’s Guide is more than welcome.

I conclude by saying that my marriage with 5E will have to undergo a small update, as I am actually working on an OSR version of the system that natively integrates concepts like astrology, soul salvation, and holiness (which would replace alignment) and a wound system based on humors, just to name a few things that just don’t click too well with 5E. Having a freeform style of writing, I will not have too much of a hard time adding a 5E conversion web enanchement as well, just for those who stick to 5E and don’t want to change.

For tonight, I will cut it short because I am a bit exhausted 😀 I hope you appreciate the effort and commitment I put into filling this form with ideas for your home campaign. And from tomorrow, we step into the new adventure, set in the city of Modena, or Mutina as it is called in the world of Of Iron & Thorns: Dead Skin Masks!

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