New Supplement: Echoes of the Eyeless Lady

The intention was to launch this new project on Monday the 18th but I must have been wrong because it left before schedule 😅

Well, no harm done, check it out here

This time the series on the scenarios of the world of Of Iron & Thorns takes you west of Modena, a Roman legion’s day’s march towards the waning sun, namely to the rural Este town of Regium Lepidi. Once the heart of the domain of a powerful dynasty now vanished, House Canossa. The origins of this ancient bloodline are lost in the heart of the Third Age, that period without empire when men were locked up in city states and monasteries to escape endless wars, plagues, scourges and horrors.

At the height of their power, Lady Matilda was born: beautiful, elegant and ambitious, her domain included much of the known pensiola. Matilda soon began to embrace the Arts, instructed by her father, who met the fate of undeath well before the Lady of Canossa. Lady Matilda quickly descended along paths of corruption, opening books of mysticism from the far east, and driven by her father’s whispers embraced the Left Hand Path late in life. Now fully attuned to the Infraworld, Matilda not only achieved immortality but also understood the mechanism underlying creation, the mysteries of life and death. Centuries have now passed and her name is forgotten to most, her kingdom is not of this world, and in the depths of her abode, in the Apennines dense patterns of crimson light are intertwining in a pattern that was completed only a few weeks ago, during the Night of Screams. Who, what, where, why, but most importantly when, will Matilda set her plan in motion?

Echoes of the Eyeless Lady tells the story of Matilda and her father, the theory of Creation and the Uncreation, the infernal emanations of the Infraworld, and discusses undeath in our setting, all in the backdrop of the province of the third Estense city described after IT02 and IT03, concluding an initial overview of the Duchy, but especially of the now thousand-year project of our Eyeless Lady.

The supplement includes a short scenario designed to be played in both group and solo-play, with some aids designed specifically for the latter.

No matter which side you’re on, whether with the Imperium or the Papacy, sooner or later you will come to terms with the other forces on the field: transdimensional undeath.

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