A solo adventure in the Third Era…

“In the twilight years bridging the fall of the Roman Empire and the dawn of the Second Imperium, an era steeped in pestilence, chaos, and relentless carnage unfurled… A time haunted by formless beasts, vile necromancers, and teeming city-states and untamed wilderness. Amidst this tempest of despair, Gorgoth, the Skull Collector, rose from the cold lands… A reaver, a mercenary, a relentless bounty hunter, he ventured forth, driven by an insatiable lust for war, bloodshed, violence, and senseless slaughter.”

I am in the process of revising and proofreading the final version of IT03 “Dead Skin Masks”! And in two days the fundraising for IT04 “Aberrations of the Bottomless Crypts” also ends.
So it is time for a little teaser about what the next step will be. This time, also following more people who have shown interest in solo adventures, I have decided to move from the Fourth Era of adventures published so far to drop into the Swords and Sorcerty Third Era, this time for an adventure to be played solo…


More on this solo adventure later this month!

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